wwwwelcome to ye olde nekhnona website [older man emoji] !

my site is unfinished and rarely updated, please be patient

i go by the names nekhbet or bive, but you're free to just call me nekh. i use she/he/it pronouns. i'm 16 years old and i draw, translate and make mediocre music. i'm also a developer for collective unconscious and i aspire to make a fighting game and a roblox game one day

i'm @ nekhnona generally everywhere. i produce music under the alias of hathoresque. you can find my full tracks posted on soundcloud. my loops will be present in collective unconscious most of the time, however all of my music is free to use with credit and permission from me.

add this button to your site! or don't, i'm not your dad

this website will contain a more lengthy version of the first two segments of my rentry, a silly ol' button wall linking to my friends' websites, as well as my contributions to collective unconscious, since a couple other people have done it.

enjoy your stay, i suppose!